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Tauranga: The Safe Anchorage

Te Tauranga 0 nga waka, the safe anchorage of many waka, takes its name from teh waka Takitimu, Tainui, Te Arawa, Ataatua and others which all sheltered in the safe haven of the harbour with its pristine waters.

It is said that the Takitimu waka was carved from the sacred tree called Puwhenua and ordained to carry the mauri – the ‘life essence of the people’ from Hawaiki to Aotearoa. It is this mauri represented by the special flax bush Tamatea Arikiniui carried to the top of Mauao and planted there for safekeeping by future generations.

Today we can all enjoy the safe anchorage or te Tauranga o nga waka. Tauranga Moana – the harbour of safe anchorage.

The book has many wonderous stories to help teach and educate the kids on NZ culture.

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